Public Technical and Career Schools/Centers

Resources for Technical and Career Schools/Centers

Resources for schools/centers

To assist a school/center prepare for a Self-Study and an on-site evaluation by a NEASC Visiting Team, the following resources are available:

Self-Study Materials


Workshops for participants from a school/center who will serve on their internal Self-Study committee are conducted by CTCI to assist schools/centers with organization and preparation. Announcements of such workshops are sent to schools/centers scheduled for visitation within the 1-2 years before the visit season.  

Focused Visit Materials

The following information is presented to assist school administrators and staff members in planning for a focused visiting team representing the Committee on Technical and Career Institutions of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.

The basic materials for a focused visit are as follows. 

The Focused Visit Guide, along with your previous notification letters, will be provided at the annual half-day focused visit workshop.  Announcements of such workshops are made to those schools scheduled for visitation in six months to one year.  The most recent decennial evaluation report, as well as other reports since the last decennial, should be on file at your school. 

Please be sure to complete all four (4) parts of the focused visit report.

If you need further assistance with preparing the Focused Visit Report, please feel free to contact Bruce Sievers, Associate Director

Follow-Up Reports

Candidate and member schools or centers are required to submit the reports listed below within the decennial accreditation cycle.

Mandated Reports

  • Annual Information Report (all candidate and member institutions)
  • Two-Year Progress Report (member schools)
  • Five-Year Focused Visit Report (member schools)

Additional reports
as requested by the Committee for all member institutions:

  • Special Progress Report
  • Special Focused Visit Report