Promote your NEASC Accreditation

Promote your NEASC Accreditation

Show your NEASC pride!

You've earned your accreditation – show your pride and ongoing commitment to creating a high quality learning community by adding a "NEASC Accredited" logo to your website and publications, or by displaying a NEASC banner in your school!

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Request a "NEASC Accredited" Logo

Schools/institutions accredited through any of the NEASC Commissions may request a copy of the "NEASC Accredited" logo for use in their organization's materials. Please note that logo requests must be submitted by an administrative officer of a member institution.

The logo is available in the following formats:

  • PRINT: JPG - cmyk, high-res, suitable for in-house or commercial printing 
  • WEB: PNG - RGB, low-res, suitable for posting online
  • Other formats are available by request.


  • Please do not recolor or skew the logo. 
  • The logo has a white background, so it will display well on dark or light backgrounds. Please do not remove the background.
  • The logo does not render well at very small sizes; recommended minimums are:
    • PNG: 90px wide minimum on screen
    • JPG: 1.0" square minimum in print


Order a "NEASC Accredited" Banner

Banners are:

  • available in horizontal or vertical format
  • 3'x5'
  • made of sturdy, weatherproof fabric suitable for indoor or outdoor display
  • printed on one side
  • include reinforced grommets for hanging

If you are interested in receiving a NEASC banner, please send your request via email to and include:

  1. School name
  2. School location (city, state/province, country)
  3. Shipping information (full address, name of person who will receive the package)
  4. Preferred format (horizontal or vertical)
Logo use policy

We are as excited as our members to share the news of a school's accreditation and celebrate their efforts and achievement, but we must ask that a school wait until they have received official notification from NEASC before promoting their status or using the NEASC logo in their school's materials (printed or online).

Accredited Schools may refer to their school as "Accredited by NEASC" and use the official "NEASC Accredited" logo in their materials. 

Candidates for Accreditation may refer to their school as a "Candidate for NEASC Accreditation" but should not yet use the"NEASC Accredited" logo in their materials. 

Applicant schools that have started their accreditation journey with NEASC but have not yet achieved Candidacy may refer to the process with language such as:

  • "the school is engaged in the accreditation process with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)" 
  • "the school has met the initial criteria to pursue candidacy with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)"