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Introduction - Independent School Accreditation

An introduction to Independent School Accreditation

NEASC, engaged with independent schools since 1885, recognizes each of our member institutions for its unique mission. Our well-regarded accreditation process supports and encourages school improvement through an in-depth self-study process that incorporates input from all key stakeholders. The self-study requires articulating the school’s mission, vision, and core values about teaching and learning, and then developing a path forward for growth and improvement. As a collaborative process, it is a vehicle for the community to celebrate strengths, acknowledge challenges, and chart a vision for the future.

Leveraging the expertise within our membership, a peer-review team visits each school to affirm operational stability, validate the program, offer recommendations, and ultimately assure the Commission on Independent Schools that the host school meets the Standards set by the Commission. NEASC-Accredited schools are defined by the highest level of student engagement, instructional practices, and community well-being.

We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to engage in NEASC's reflective and meaningful process of assessment, and again want to thank the Visiting Team for representing the culmination of that work with integrity.

--John Kaufman, Head of School - Middlebridge School, Narragansett, RI

We value the exceptional diversity of schools in our membership and provide a variety of pathways leading to peer-review accreditation. Schools are encouraged to work with our staff to determine which accreditation pathway is right for their school, aligning with its vision and strategic priorities.

Collaborating with us, accreditation has the power to be transformative.