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External Review Visit

A Team of 3-6 External Review Visitors will spend a week with the learning community, engaging in a series of structured conversations and learning observations involving all constituencies. NEASC will appoint the members of this Team, subject to approval by the school. 



The purpose of the External Review Visit is:

  • To verify Internal Reflection conclusions and validate the process used to arrive at these conclusions.
  • To observe learning (shadowing learners and observing classes, including several full day student shadowing experiences).
  • To understand where the school currently is in its progress on the Transformational Learning Continuum.
  • To review the school’s Foundation Standards recommended actions from previous visits.
  • To assess the learning community’s conceptual understanding of and commitment to the ACE Learning ecosystem as well as its capacity and competency for implementing change.
  • To write a report that summarizes the Team’s perceptions and observations and offers further advice and recommendations to the learning community.
  • To determine follow-up actions and processes designed to support the learning community in implementing its major Learning Plans.
  • To reach consensus on a recommendation regarding accreditation (see Accreditation Status below)


The Lead Visitor will contact the learning community approximately 2-3 months ahead of the External Review Visit to begin the process of designing a visit schedule and discussing visit logistics. The school is responsible for developing a schedule that accommodates the Visitors while minimizing disruptions to learning. 

I would like to record my enormous appreciation of the NEASC Visiting Team for their wonderful educational lens. It was remarkable to see the small things which they noticed, their capacity to engage thoughtfully with the entire school community, and the generous way in which they communicated that the ACE Learning protocol is a journey in self-improvement so that it became an enabling exercise for everyone. 

— Dr. Shalini Advani, Director, Pathways School Noida, India