NEASC-CIE overview

NEASC Commission on International Education

NEASC Commission on International Education


The NEASC Commission on International Education*, one of three commissions within NEASC, accredits and supports a wide range of international and American schools – from primary through secondary school – both within the US and around the globe. Through the efforts of elected Commission members, professional and support staff, and hundreds of educators and administrators who volunteer their time to serve as professional peer reviewers each year, hundreds of schools around the globe are NEASC Accredited or Candidates for Accreditation. 

By promoting transformative approaches to teaching and learning, initiating and engaging in future-oriented forums, and continuing to expand the ACE Learning pathways, NEASC is diligently working to ensure that students around the world experience a high quality education and develop the understandings, aptitudes, dispositions, values, and competencies they need to become successful and responsible citizens of the world.

*formerly called the Commission on American and International Schools Abroad (CAISA); new commission title approved in 2014