Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

Resources from the NEASC Community

We are pleased to share with you the following list of professional learning resources recommended and/or developed by members of the global NEASC community.
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Race in Admissions

Topic: - Webinar -, College Admissions, Equitable and Inclusive Education, Independent Schools

Unlocking Innovation: Maximizing Time and Space for Personalized Learning

Topic: - Webinar -, Learning Spaces, NEASC Forum, Scheduling, Student Agency, Student Experience, Student-Centered Design

Helping Your Faculty Make the Shift to SOR: The Science of Reading

Topic: - Webinar -, Independent Schools, Literacy/Reading

NEASC Podcast - Sustainable Innovation

Topic: - Podcast -, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Change Management, School Leadership, Student Agency, Student Voice, Sustainable Innovation

AI and the Imperative of Agency

Topic: - Webinar -, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Assessment, NEASC Forum, Student Agency, Student Voice, Technology in Education

AI resources for educators

Topic: - Webinar -, AI (Artificial Intelligence), NEASC Forum, Technology in Education