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Preparatory Phase - International Education

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Preparatory Phase

During the Preparatory Phase of accreditation, schools submit a Preparatory Report and host a Preparatory Visit designed to help the learning community get ready for the Internal Reflection. During the visit, a team of NEASC Visitors will spend several days with the learning community engaging in a series of structured conversations, observations, and learning activities and offer a workshop to guide the Internal Reflection committee members. Most importantly to note is at this point in the process the focus shifts from the compliance-centered Foundation Standards to the developmentally focused core of ACE Learning: the Learning Principles.

In keeping with NEASC's philosophy that “one size does not fit all,” accreditation visits and reports during the "prep" stage vary by a school's circumstances. For instance, a school seeking accreditation for the first time would not have the same visit format as a school seeking re-accreditation. The size of the school community can also affect the number of days, number of Visitors, and type of report(s) that the school will submit. Several months before a preparatory visit, the school will receive essential resources and guidance from NEASC staff appropriate for their situation.