NEASC Committee on Technical and Career Institutions

NEASC Committee on Technical and Career Institutions


The NEASC Committee on Technical and Career Institutions, a subgroup of the NEASC Commission on Public Schools, accredits a wide range of comprehensive technical high schools and career centers throughout New England. Career and Technical Education (CTE) in New England is delivered through a variety of models, including but not limited to: comprehensive technical high schools, technical career centers, vocational and agricultural high schools, agricultural high schools, Job Corps Centers, and vocational aquaculture centers. A common pedagogy unites all CTE approaches: a belief that students are most engaged when teaching is personalized, inquiry-based, applied to real world situations, and problem/project-based.  A key feature of CTE is on-the-job experiential learning. CTE programs are STEAM based (science, technology, engineering, arts, math), aligned with career pathways, and combine rigorous academic and technical curriculums that lead students to earn stackable credentials, licensure, and hours toward state apprenticeships.

Working in CTE is a lot of fun because of the variety of programs offered and the high level of student engagement and enthusiasm about their chosen fields. Kids are out and about applying their academic and technical skills and concepts in the real world. I’m fortunate to work with schools and centers on their improvement plans and always eager to share the students’ accomplishments.

Bruce Sievers, Associate Director for Accreditation and School Improvement