NEASC Standards for Accreditation

NEASC Standards for Accreditation


The NEASC Standards for Accreditation are a research-based, rigorous, and holistic set of practices and concepts reflective of educational best practices that:

  • ensure the structures, policies, and systems are in place to support a high quality, effective learning community
  • provide a foundation and framework for school communities and accreditation teams to identify the unique strengths and needs of each institution
  • are developed by each of the NEASC Commissions to address the distinct needs of the schools served — whether public, independent, or international
  • invite schools to define the transferable skills, knowledge, values, and dispositions necessary for future student success
  • challenge schools to focus more on impactful, personalized learning 

NEASC conducts periodic reviews of its Standards and protocols to stay aligned with current educational research, best practice, and governmental regulations, and to remain responsive to member needs.

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