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Sustainable Innovation

Exciting changes and new ideas are constantly evolving in education, but how can we ensure that the innovations are sustainable and not just the next shiny object?

Join fellow educational leaders this December in Boston to exchange future-oriented best practices from public, private, and international schools across New England and around the world.  

Together, we will go beyond sharing new ideas and tackle the challenge of implementing innovative practices in a way that respects the capacity, resources, mission, and members of your school community. We will learn how to create cultures of sustainable innovation in our schools rather than those of fear, fads, or burnout. 

Conference at a glance

The main conference will be held on Thursday, December 7 and Friday, December 8. Keynote speakers, short talks from leaders highlighting innovative practice (TedTalk style), more than 25 concurrent sessions, and networking opportunities including meals and an evening reception will be included. Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in one of four full-day pre-conference workshops to be held on Wednesday, December 6. 

Conference sessions will explore building cultures of sustainable innovation through best practices in: 

  • Leadership
  • Technology
  • Use of Time and Space
  • Inclusion and Belonging
  • Curriculum and Programming



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Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
606 Congress Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Main Conference
December 7-8 

Pre-conference Sessions
December 6, 10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
(lunch provided) 

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Pre-conference - Wednesday, December 6, 10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

We are offering an engaging array of pre-conference workshops before the main conference activities begin on December 7. Lunch will be provided for participants. Please note that general conference registration is required in order to sign up for a pre-conference workshop.

Pre-conference Workshops
Leading DEI through Cognitive and Cultural Inclusion
kapono and klein neasc2023

Kapono Ciotti
Executive Director, What School Could Be
Head of School, American International School-Egypt

Jennifer D. Klein
CEO, Principled Learning Strategies

The industrial-era of education, where we presumed a common starting and ending point for all has never served students or teachers. While such systems may have helped schools standardize education and make it more efficient, they can make students feel perpetually behind, hold back our most talented, and ignore the "middle." Furthermore, it excludes, by definition, those who do not conform to the norm and are taxing on teachers. Rather than aspiring for simply access for all students, authors Jennifer D. Klein and Kapono Ciotti have developed The Landscape Model to help schools ensure the highest levels of personal success possible for all students. Recognizing that students are positioned across a landscape when it comes to their learning and growth, the model provides strategies for developing an asset-based understanding of what each student brings into the learning ecosystem. The entire model hinges on student protagonism, or agency, and the goal is a level of "inclusive prosperity" which leverages talents and passions to ensure all students reach their own highest possible level of success.

This session will provide an overview of the three elements of the Landscape Model. Participants will have an opportunity to experience inclusive strategies, and to start thinking about how they might use the model to build more inclusive prosperity in their classrooms and school communities. Participants will engage in a rich design session, and leave with an action plan to implement in their schools.

All Systems Go
DUllmand and KLyman neasc2023

Diane Ullman, PhD
International Accreditation Leader, NEASC

Kelly Lyman
Commission Member, NEASC

Achieve transformation in learning and develop future ready learners by leveraging multiple systems within your school or district. 

In this interactive session, participants will begin by defining the future ready learners they seek to graduate from their schools and learn about the four lenses – Conceptual Understanding, Commitment, Capacity, and Competence – that support developing organizational strength. Looking through these lenses, participants will examine seven systems that are intentionally activated to create lasting transformational learning. Together we will explore strategies and actions within each system that can bring about transformation and result in future ready learners. The journey of one Connecticut school district engaged in this work will be highlighted. Participants who have already created a Portrait of the Graduate or shared understanding of high-quality learning are asked to bring these to the session.

Training for International School Visiting Teams
AGeroc neasc2023

Athena Gerochristodoulou, MEd
International Accreditation Leader, NEASC

"From compliance to improvement to transformation"
NEASC Visitors are excited about the future of education and interested in helping other schools gain traction for their improvements and transformations. Visitors are flexible thinkers, caring collaborators, fluent communicators, and generous with their time and talents. This one-day training to serve on visits for the Commission on International Education will include many activities to get participants thinking deeply about what makes learning effective in schools.

The Vision of a Graduate from Creation to Implementation
VoG d1 neasc2023

Presented by NEASC staff and school leaders

Schools are preparing graduates for a future that will require them to have not only content knowledge and understandings but also transferable skills and dispositions that will allow them to be flexible and adaptable in the rapidly changing world. As schools develop a vision for their graduates, they must determine what opportunities and experiences students will have to learn, practice, and demonstrate the transferable skills and dispositions in the vision and establish a process to assess and give feedback to students on their progress.

Join NEASC staff and New England educators to discuss the creation and implementation of a vision of a graduate for your school or district. We will outline the Vision of a Graduate (or Portrait of the Graduate) creation process and then spend the majority of the day giving examples of performance assessment systems and concrete ways to integrate the vision to make it the driving force of your school or district. Suitable for school or district leaders and teachers.

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