Substantive Change

Public Technical and Career Schools/Centers

The accreditation of an institution by the Committee signifies that the institution has undergone a successful peer group review, and the members of the Committee confirm for the public interest that the institution is achieving the mission and goals which it has set for itself. When an institution is accredited -- or the accreditation is continued -- it is important to remember that the review was made of conditions and programs at the institution at a particular point in time. Since institutions grow and adapt to changes in the external environment, the Committee requires that all institutions be periodically reevaluated.

The decision by an institution to modify its mission/goals is the prerogative of the institution, and the Committee encourages its member institutions to be innovative and entrepreneurial. When an institution plans a change that is substantive in nature - a change that is a basic alteration of the mission or scope of the institution, the control of the institution, or the ability of the institution to maintain the quality of the instructional program - the Committee is obligated to monitor such changes to determine the impact of the substantive change on the institution's effectiveness and integrity.