When learners design their own story

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When learners design their own story (February 6, 2023)
presented by the NEASC Commission on International Education
Imagine a school in which learners determine the time and pace of their learning: a learner-centered environment where students personalize their educational goals and make meaningful decisions about their learning experiences. This webinar will introduce how Stiftung Louisenlund, a NEASC accredited school in Germany, transformed its learning experience to do just that. This session is particularly helpful for individuals whose schools are using the ACE Learning framework or NEASC Visitors interested in the impact of ACE Learning on Schools. Learning Principles 5 and 9 are particularly showcased in this session.

Damien Vassallo, Principal IB World School, Stiftung Louisenlund, Germany
Petra Hau, Deputy Headmaster IB, Stiftung Louisenlund, Germany