The Internal Learning Environment: How Students Access Learning

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The Internal Learning Environment: How Students Access Learning (March 8, 2023)
presented by the NEASC Commission on International Education
A child’s Internal Learning Environment (ILE) defines their wellness and cognitive development. It is the environment that goes with them everywhere, and holistically defines their ability to navigate life. This webinar will introduce the fundamental systems within the ILE of a student and focus on the neuroscience of learning to promote positive daily cycles and ensure that all children will have the opportunity to thrive. We will also hear from students sharing their experiences when teachers understood and prioritized these fundamental systems.

This session will support administrators and teachers to create learning environments with their students to help them best access the learning the school offers.


Paul Mallen 
Learning and Wellness Consultant, NEASC Accreditation Team Member, SENIA Switzerland board member
Lausanne, Switzerland


Connect with Paul online and access the videos shared during the session at