Reopening Schools in New England: A Conversation with State Representatives

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Reopening Schools in New England: A Conversation with State Representatives (16 June 2020)
We invited state representatives to join us for a conversation about the status and plans for reopening schools in New England. The process each state is using to determine reopening guidelines, what supports will be made available for schools, how states are dealing with budget shortfalls in the wake of rising costs to operate schools safely, and concerns expressed by constituents are a few of the issues covered.


CONNECTICUT - Desi Nesmith
Deputy Commissioner, Connecticut State Department of Education
CT Department of Education COVID-19 Resources

MAINE - Daniel A. Chuhta
Deputy Commissioner, Maine Department of Education
ME Department of Education COVID-19 Resources
Working Draft: Maine Schools Return to Classroom Instruction Framework

MASSACHUSETTS - Robert Baldwin 
Superintendent, Fairhaven Public Schools
Incoming President, Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents
MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education COVID-19 Information and Resources‚Äč

NEW HAMPSHIRE - Frank Edelblut
Education Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Education
NH Department of Education COVID-19 Resources 

RHODE ISLAND - Kristen Danusis
Project Manager for the Re-entry Schools Taskforce, Rhode Island Department of Education
RIDE COVID-19 Updates and Resources 
RIDE unified calendar for the 2020-21 school year (pdf)

VERMONT - Please note that, unfortunately, the Agency of Education in Vermont was not able to participate, but we hope you find the following resources useful:
COVID-19 Guidance for Vermont Schools