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The Value of NEASC Accreditation

NEASC Accreditation is

  • A structured system of institutional self-reflection and assessment that is ongoing, voluntary, and comprehensive in scope.
  • A globally recognized standard of educational excellence. It provides assurance to students, to parents, to the public, and to other institutions that the school offers a high quality learning experience.
  • An effective, holistic, research-based resource for creating effective learning communities.
  • Guided by the Standards of Accreditation, which are developed and regularly reviewed by the professional educators who comprise the NEASC membership.
  • A voluntary, in-depth, self-reflective analysis of one’s own learning community validated by peers in the educational community. The value is intrinsic; the benefit is in the doing.
  • Grounded in a professional peer-review model which fosters institutional growth and transformation based on the first-hand observations and recommendations of practicing educators who serve as peer evaluators in the review phase of the process.
  • Respectful of the differences in institutional populations, missions, and cultures. It does not compare or rate schools, but evaluates them on a continuum of self-declared goals.
  • Often accepted in substitution for reports required by state and/or national departments of education due to NEASC's recognition of and alignment with pertinent state and federal regulations.
  • Not a single event, but rather an ongoing, supportive partnership between NEASC and its member institutions which provides a roadmap and resources for successful school improvement planning, transformation, and renewal.