The Opportunities of Student Leadership

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The Opportunities of Student Leadership (May 14, 2024)
The role of student voice and leadership continues to evolve, from student government, to leadership of teams and clubs, and beyond into opportunities for agency and leadership within each student’s own learning, school experience, and community. Students, teachers, and administrators from Farmington High School in Connecticut, Proctor Academy in New Hampshire, and the International School of Panama discuss the leadership structures and supports for students in their schools, and share stories of student leadership and agency in action. 

Learn how the prioritization of student leadership at all levels of the school not only empowers students, but also creates a stronger and more inclusive school experience for all members of the school community.


  • Farmington High School, Farmington, CT
    Student Panelists
    Russell Crist, Principal
    Chris Loomis, Director of Student Activities
  • International School of Panama
    Student Panelists
    Dr. Audrey C. Menard, School Director
    Luiz Mello, Assistant Principal for Student Wellbeing
  • Proctor Academy, Andover, NH
    Student Panelists
    Brian Thomas, Head of School