The New Normal: Updates from a Reopened School

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The New Normal: Updates from a Reopened School (9 June 2020)
Community members from the Frankfurt International School  joined us for a follow-up conversation to the May 12th Forum (Reopening schools safely: Insights, successes, and lessons learned) to share how things are going five weeks after reopening their campus. We checked in to see how they are adapting to new routines and restrictions, how the changes are affecting learning, and how they are feeling to be back at school.

Paul Fochtman, Head of School
Grace McCallum, Elementary School Principal
Yolanda Murphy-Barrena, Guest Principal, Wiesbaden Campus  
Kathleen Ralf, Upper School, English & Humanities Teacher
John Switzer, Upper School Principal
Student panelists (grades 8 and 11)


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