Mark Stapleton

Mark Stapleton

Director of External Affairs | 781-425-7709

As NEASC’s Director of External Affairs, Mark oversees our international government relations and key partnerships, and he also coordinates NEASC consulting services. Through these services and partnerships, we are able to share our collective expertise — accumulated over 138 years through our global community of educators — with those seeking a reliable and informed colleague to support educational improvement.

For over 25 years Mark worked in the Connecticut State Department of Education developing rules and policies for the regulation and improvement of schools. He also served as advisor to the Minister of Education in the UAE for private school policy and regulation. Mark joined the NEASC staff as Director in 2011 after serving on the NEASC Commission on International Education* for eight years. He also holds a juris doctor from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

Mark has had the privilege of working with American and international government education agencies to improve educational opportunities for children. He approaches his work with a global perspective and builds upon successful practices while ensuring that cultural values are preserved.

*formerly called the Commission on American and International Schools Abroad (CAISA)

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