Leadership through continued uncertainty

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Leadership through continued uncertainty (1 February 2022)
What lessons are we learning about school leadership while navigating the unpredictable and evolving landscape of education? 

We posed this question and others to administrators from NEASC Accredited schools who shared valuable tools and skills they've developed for dealing with staff shortages, navigating fluctuating COVID guidelines, supporting staff and students, and finding the personal reserve to maintain purpose and persevere.


Gary B. Franklin, Principal
Northwestern Regional High School, Regional School District No. 7 - Winsted, Connecticut, USA

Ahmed Geddy, Academic Director
Next Generation School, Dubai

Erin Mayo, Head of School
Fryeburg Academy - Fryeburg, Maine, USA

Mary Anne Moran, Principal
Nipmuc Regional High School, Upton, Massachusetts, USA

Caitlin Murphy, Headmaster
The English High School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dan Richard, Head of School
Saint Raphael Academy, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA

Melani Horcajuelo Torres, Director
Madrid Active School, Spain


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