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Introduction to ACE Learning 2.0 - April 27, 2023 (ECIS Leadership Conference)

Training for Schools | International Education

In Fall 2022, NEASC launched ACE Learning 2.0, a refreshed version of the transformational ACE Learning Principles.

ECIS Leadership Conference 2023

Join us in Dusseldorf, Germany this April 27-29 for the 2023 ECIS Leadership Conference, "Culture and Change".

NEASC will be presenting two pre-conference workshops on April 27, 11:00-17:00

NEASC Forum Webinars
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Join us! We created the "NEASC Forum", our ongoing webinar series, as a space to connect educators around the world through peer discourse and discussion of current, relevant topics.

Vision of the Graduate Workshops
img cps vision of the graduate workshop

These two-day, comprehensive workshops are ideal for teams from public schools/districts to work collaboratively to understand the importance and implications of developing a Vision of the Graduate.

International Education Impact - webinar series

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