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Student-led professional development for teachers (webinar) - April 6, 2023

Professional Learning | International Education

Hillel Academy in Jamaica will share its framework for extending professional development to include student presenters.

Be the change you want to see in the world - April 27, 2023 (ECIS Leadership Conference)

Professional Learning | International Education

Four levers to transform your school and develop Future Ready Learners

Implementing individual learning plans (webinar) - Tuesday, May 16

Professional Learning | International Education

Join the International School Helsinki as they showcase what they learned as they worked to increase individualized learning for all students.

Using the ACE Learning protocol to support staff engagement and growth of learning (webinar) - June 20, 2023

Professional Learning | International Education

This webinar will explore innovative ideas designed to increase student satisfaction and well-being for 6th-12th grade students.

ECIS Leadership Conference 2023

Join us in Dusseldorf, Germany this April 27-29 for the 2023 ECIS Leadership Conference, "Culture and Change".

NEASC will be presenting two pre-conference workshops on April 27, 11:00-17:00

NEASC Forum Webinars
NEASCforum email banner - 600px.png

Join us! We created the "NEASC Forum", our ongoing webinar series, as a space to connect educators around the world through peer discourse and discussion of current, relevant topics.

These NEASC webinars have truly been a support for me... seeing and hearing about what has worked in other schools has allowed me to implement some more effective practices — and seeing that we were all struggling with the same issues gave me a better peace of mind and helped me to avoid holding myself to unrealistic expectations which significantly has reduced my stress level!!!
- Jennifer, USA

International Education Impact - webinar series

We at NEASC believe that learning can happen anywhere and anytime and encourage you to pilot some creative new learning opportunities — for both students and staff. We hope our webinar series will be a source of inspiration as you forge ahead and we look forward to the ongoing conversations.
Warm regards,
Cameron C. Staples, President/CEO, NEASC

Vision of the Graduate Workshops
img cps vision of the graduate workshop

These two-day, comprehensive workshops are ideal for teams from public schools/districts to work collaboratively to understand the importance and implications of developing a Vision of the Graduate.


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