Essential Assessment

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Essential Assessment (23 March 2021)
This webinar explores the ways teachers at the Francis Wayland Parker Charter Essential School and Theodore R. Sizer Teachers' Center in Devens, Massachusetts, USA, design, fine-tune, and instruct toward assessment competencies. You will hear from students, teachers, and the director of the Sizer Teachers’ Center about creating engaging assessments for students. Students at the Parker School, from grades 7-12, demonstrate their deepest learning across all disciplines through assessment projects designed by their teachers, creating opportunities for rigorous engagement and student choice. Students are assessed for mastery of a lean set of school-wide competencies. 

Colleen L. Meaney, Director, Sizer Teacher Center
Diane Kruse, Math, Science, and Technology Domain Leader
plus students representing the Parker School

The Parker School and Sizer Teachers Center were born into a progressive community of schools, the Coalition of Essential Schools, and were set in motion by Theodore R. Sizer, former Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


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