Building school community through conversation: Election 2020

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Building school community through conversation: Election 2020 (20 October 2020)
Featuring the students of Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, Massachusetts As did many US schools, Walnut Hill School for the Arts found themselves unprepared for life after the presidential election in 2016. Determined to build awareness of issues in advance of the election this November, they initiated a holistic approach to strengthening their school community by encouraging non-partisan conversation around 2020 election topics.

In this webinar presentation (designed by the students themselves), a panel of Walnut Hill students and their advisor shared tools they have learned to engage community-wide dialogues across differences. We hope attendees will feel empowered to do the same within their own schools — whether in the US or other countries — and continue similar reflections on issues and questions that will live long after the 2020 Election. 


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