AI resources for educators

The resources on this page were curated for and from the NEASC Forum webinar, "Teaching Tomorrow: Unleashing The Power of AI in Education," which was presented on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. Thank you to our panelists and attendees for their contributions.

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Panelists included:
Tricia Friedman, Founder and Director, and Shifting Schools
Nate Green, MS Academic Technology Coordinator, Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC
Priya Lakhani OBE, CEO and Founder, CENTURY Tech, London
Dr. Andrea Schwamb, Assistant Superintendent, Wareham Public Schools, MA
Stephen Taylor, Director of Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Western Academy of Beijing

AI resources from Shifting Schools (c/o Tricia Friedman)
AI resources from WAB Learns (c/o Stephen Taylor)

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Here’s a demo of bias in image generators (

Have We Reached The “Invisible AI” Tipping Point? (May 31, 2023; AI, innovation)

For someone starting out with GenAI, I’d recommend

AI discussion topics and activities (c/o Nate Green)

View this working list of conversations we need to have about AI in education, "Ethics, Equity, & Justice x AI Discussion Topics, Resources and Queries."

High School AI Literacy unit (slides)

6th grade AI Literacy unit (slides)

Activity for teachers to help them see the power of AI in designing lessons.

Schools Really Messed Up With Social Media. Now, We Have a Second Chance. This summer it’s high time to make plans (Nate Green,, June 2023)

A person to follow re. AI in education is Ethan Mollick and his substack, One Useful Thing.

Resources shared by webinar attendees

UNESCO - Guidance for generative AI in education and research

UNESCO - Artificial intelligence and the Futures of Learning

What is artificial intelligence, algorithm, and data literacy?

MIT DAILy Curriculum -
The Daily-AI workshop, designed by MIT educators and experienced facilitators, features hands-on and computer-based activities on AI concepts, ethical issues in AI, creative expression using AI, and how AI relates to your future.

AI Shapshots - 180 Classroom warmups built to spark debate, ignite curiosity, and build community.

Teaching AI Ethics ( 

Responsible Use Policy for Artificial Intelligence in International Schools
(Aug 18, 2023)

Navigating A World of Generative AI: Suggestions for Educators. The Next Level Lab at Harvard Graduate School of Education. President and Fellows of Harvard College: Cambridge, MA. Cao, L., & Dede, C. (2023).

AI Is a Lot of Work: As the technology becomes ubiquitous, a vast tasker underclass is emerging — and not going anywhere. (collaboration between New York Magazine and The Verge, June 2023)

Classical AI launches in Massachusetts (Wareham) - Artificial intelligence comes to Middle School math class (Wes Cipolla,, Mar 13, 2023)

New York lawyers sanctioned for using fake ChatGPT cases in legal brief (Sara Merken, Reuters, June 26, 2023)