Vision of the Graduate Workshop - Part 2 (virtual)

Vision of the Graduate | Public Schools (in the US)

"Implementing and Assessing a Vision of the Graduate"

Who should attend?
These two-day, comprehensive workshops are ideal for teams from public schools/districts to work collaboratively to understand the importance and implications of developing a Vision of the Graduate.
Important: These workshops are designed for public schools/districts located in the US only. If your school is located outside of the US, please search for events designated for international education.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Part 1 workshop, "Designing the Vision of the Graduate"

If you have not yet completed Part 1 of the workshop series, check for upcoming Part 1 sessions.

Upcoming Dates / Registration

There are no upcoming sessions scheduled at this time. Check back soon for updates.


2-day workshop
9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. ET
(both days)
Format: Virtual
Platform: Zoom - links to join will be sent to registrants just prior to the training.

What will be explored?

Vision of the Graduate Workshop - Part 2: Implementing and Assessing a Vision of the Graduate
This two-day workshop asks participants to consider, "What kind of culminating exhibition experience would we create to ensure that learners thrive when we implement our current vision/profile of a graduate?”

In various groups, participants will explore different types of exhibitions (student-led conferences, capstones, portfolio defenses, etc.) and design a prototype of a culminating exhibition that will provide evidence of student learning/thinking of essential competencies. In addition, participants will gain experience and aptitude in designing high-quality Performance Tasks that elicit evidence of student performance in the skills of their Graduate Profile.


The workshop fee covers attendance and materials for a maximum of either 6 or 8 participants from one school or district:

  • $800.00 - maximum 6 participants from one school or district 
  • $1000.00 - maximum 8 participants from one school or district
More information

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