Videos - International Education

Directory of Videos for International Schools and Visitors

Directory of Videos for International Schools and Visitors

We have assembled the directory of videos below to support both our schools and our visiting teams. These videos are also linked in the NEASC-CIE Tool Kit along with other resources.

You may also access the playlists via YouTube: For Visitors | For Schools

A case study for schools new to ACE Learning

View the recording of "Supporting new schools through the ACE Learning Protocol and early partnership"

Launching a new school is challenging. The traditional approach looks something like: a few people hatch a plan, perhaps intending to replicate an existing school, agreements are made, finances secured, a few people plan for the launch of the school, teachers and leaders are hired, students recruited, and school is in session. After a period of time (through an accreditation process or otherwise), the community realizes the well-intended plan wasn’t a fit for their students and is not owned by faculty or understood by parents.  

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if a school could spend their five year anniversary celebrating their shared and collective identity instead of working to address the things they wish they would have done differently? In this session, participants explored one school's NEASC Accreditation journey and possibilities for partnership with NEASC through the phases of ideation, pre-launch, launch, and initial accreditation of a new school.

Presented by:
Darlene Fisher International Accreditation Leader, NEASC
Michael Fisher Director of Teaching and Learning, St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju, Korea

Learning Principles (ACE) Prep Visit

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Internal Reflection

Coordinating the NEASC ACE Learning Internal Reflection Process: One school’s experience

This webinar features one school’s journey on the NEASC ACE Learning Internal Reflection process and is designed for current or future school accreditation coordinators and school heads wishing to pick up tips and tricks from an experienced accreditation coordinator. Michael Martell - Accreditation Coordinator for the United World College Changshu, China - will share his school’s process and what they learned along the way.

Presented by Michael Martell, UWC Changshu
Moderated by Trillium Hibbeln, NEASC

External Review Visit (ERV) - NEASC Accredited only

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Joint Prep Visit with CIS

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Joint Team Visit with CIS

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Virtual Accreditation Visits - Insights and Advice


Virtual Accreditation Tips
Courtesy of the International School of Helsinki

Reflections on Virtual Accreditation Visits
This webinar centers on a conversation about preparing for and participating in a virtual school visit as part of the NEASC Accreditation cycle. To share insights from both sides of the process, schools that have hosted Visiting Teams and NEASC volunteers who have served on those Teams share their experiences, advice, and perspectives. 

Panel discussion for Lead Visitors conducting a Virtual Visit