Team Chairs - Decennial Visits


Thank you for your willingness to lead a NEASC Visiting Team!

Please note that resources are currently undergoing revision. In the meantime, please contact your NEASC staff liaison if you need any of the documents listed here.

Important: Many of the files which have been made accessible to you are sensitive in nature. Please exercise care when downloading, saving, or printing these documents.


Decennial Visit Chairs Handbook  (pdf)

Decennial Visit Team Member Handbook  (pdf)

CPS Guidelines for Virtual Visits for Chairs (pdf)

Notes for Team Chairs of Virtual Visits (pdf)

Additional Materials

Visiting Team Questionnaire and Chair's Comments Instructions
Google Folder for Decennial Visiting Teams
This folder includes writing templates, evidence of learning sheet, and other materials.

  • Create your own folder for your team in Google
  • Open the folder, select one or more files, click on "Make a Copy" then save to your folder
  • You can then rename each file in your folder.

Decennial Visit Team Orientation (pptx)

GOA Online Learning (pdf)

CPS Visiting Team Writing Guide (docx)

Evidence Gathering Form (docx)

Letter of Transmittal (decennial) (docx)

Sample Schedules

Decennial Visit Schedule Template (docx)

Sample Decennial Virtual Visit Schedule Template  (docx)

Sample Decennial Virtual Visit Schedule - Chair On-Site Template (docx)

Sample NEASC Visit Schedule (docx)

Accreditation Visit Schedule Template (docx)

Sample Reports

Sample School Summary Report (docx)

Sample 1 Decennial Visit Report (pdf)

Sample 2 Decennial Visit Report (pdf)