Recommended Resources for Learning Communities

We are pleased to share this list of free pandemic-related resources recommended by members of the NEASC community. Make sure to also browse the archives of our NEASC Forum webinars to view recordings of sessions on pandemic-related topics.

Child Protection during the pandemic


Engage Equitably: Communications resources for schools at a time of COVID-19 and beyond - templates and guidance for transparent, equitable, freely accessible and public health-informed communication for education leaders

Strategic Crisis Communication Best Practices For Schools (an interview with Western Academy Of Beijing)

Curriculum - online resources

Amazing Educational Resources - compilation of free high-quality educational resources for sharing among teachers, parents and students

The Marshall Memo - Carefully curated weekly reading list for PreK-12 educators by Kim Marshall

Distance Learning Solutions (by UNESCO) - a collection of online and offline resources to support distance learning

COVID-19 Resources for Educators and Learners of Art (Arts Ed Collaborative) - a searchable database of 300+ curated learning sites (developed by a high school student in Ontario)

Remote Learning

Digital Learning Collaborative - data, information, news, and best practices in digital learning

Global Online Academy - resources and strategies for supporting online learning 

Improving remote connectivity (Digital Bridge K-12)

Tips for Setting Up Temporary Distance Learning at Your School (Oak Meadow K-12 Curriculum and Distance Learning School)

Remote Testing Support (NWEA)

Resources for educating students with disabilities during the coronavirus crisis (The Center for Learner Equity)

School Safety/Operation

Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools (CDC)

Educating Through Crisis (National Education Association)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Independent Schools (NAIS)

COVID-19 Financial Sustainability Tips Sheet (Organizatonal Sustainability, Actionable Institutional Research & Data)

COVID-19: Preparing For Widespread Illness in Your School Community - A Legal Guide for School Leaders (National School Boards Association)

School Reopening Readiness Guide (Ariadne Labs: A Joint Center for Health Systems Innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and The Learning Accelerator)

eSchool+ Initiative (USA and Territories, Johns Hopkins) - tools and resources for schools to think about when and how to ethically close and reopen K-12 schools during the COVID-19 pandemic

Student Transportation (COVID-19 resource center) (


Confronting the Coronavirus Outbreak - an ongoing series about how schools and families can respond to change and disruption, build resilience, and help young people learn and thrive at home (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

SEL resources for helping students and staff cope with COVID-19 (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL))

E-mentoring: Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring (Mentor, Dec 2019)

Innovators' Compass - free tools and resources to explore challenges, get "unstuck", and  move forward with problem solving

Sports and Activitites

School Reentry Considerations: K-12 Physical Education, Health Education, and Physical Activity (SHAPE America)

COVID-19 Pandemic: Tips for Athletes, Coaches, Parents, and the Sport Community (Association for Applied Sport Psychology’s (AASP))

Health/PE/Coaching Resources for all grade levels, Massachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD)

COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators (NFHS free online course)