Resources - Visiting Team Chairs for technical/career schools and centers

Team Chairs - Decennial and Focused Visits for technical/career schools and centers

Thank you for your willingness to lead a NEASC Visiting Team! 

Once you have been approved by an institution under review to chair a visiting committee, it is important for you to begin the process of communication with the superintendent/principal/director of that institution as soon as possible to start the process of developing logistics for the visit. Additionally, you will be notified of the names and schools of visiting committee members.

Please note that resources are currently undergoing revision. In the meantime, please contact your NEASC staff liaison if you need any of the documents listed here.

Important: Many of the files which have been made accessible to you are sensitive in nature. Please exercise care when downloading, saving, or printing these documents.

Decennial Visit Materials

Table of Contents - 2015 Standards (Visting Team)

Microsoft Office document icon Visiting Team Work Schedule - Template (2015 Standards)

How to Write VT Evaluation Reports for Academics

How to Write VT Evaluation Reports for Technical Programs

Microsoft Office document icon Closing Remarks Sample

Visiting Team Sample Decennial Report - Anytown Career & Technical Center

Website Information  for Chairs - Decennial Visits

Focused Visit Materials

File Focused Visit Team - Sample Report

Focus Visit Team - Report Template

Microsoft Office document iconFocused Visit Team - Work Schedule (2011 SFA)

Microsoft Office document icon Instructions for Focused Visit Team

Microsoft Office document icon Checklist for Focused Visit Chair

Microsoft Office document icon Focused Visit Chair Docs - Evaluation Form, etc

Microsoft Office document icon Vote of the Visiting Team

Chairs Information Online - Focused Visits