Trillium Hibbeln headshot

Leadership transition announcement: International Education

Please welcome our new Director for International Education!

I am pleased to inform you that our search for a new Director for Accreditation and School Improvement for the NEASC Commission on International Education has been completed. We have identified the best candidate, internally or externally, to assume the Director's role. That person is Trillium Hibbeln, our current Associate Director for International Education. 

We are very excited that Trillium has accepted the position. Not only does she bring outstanding experience, exceptional organizational skills, and global vision to the role, but she will also provide invaluable continuity in leadership for the international team. She has the support of the staff, key partners, and international school leaders. At a time of particularly exciting growth opportunities, I am confident she will assume the management of an expanding team and portfolio of international schools seamlessly.

It has been a privilege to work in my role as Commission Chair with Trillium over the last five years. Her depth of knowledge of the international school landscape, commitment to supporting our schools in their improvement and transformation work, and her exceptional ability to build global partnerships to support NEASC and its member schools has been critical to the growth and success in that time. I look forward to her continued leadership and vision moving forward in her new role.
-- Howard Thiery, Chair of the NEASC Commission on International Education; Superintendent, Regional School District 10, Harwinton-Burlington, CT
In the seven years that Trillium and I have worked side-by-side at NEASC, she has shown a level of commitment, professionalism, and character that inspires those around her to do great work, as she herself does so consistently. I look forward to continuing our close collaboration as we transition leadership of the Commission.
-- Jeff Bradley, Director for Accreditation and School Improvement, NEASC Commission on International Education

Jeff and Trillium have always been a great team and I know that synergy will continue during the coming months of transition. We at NEASC embrace this positive move forward. Please join us in congratulating Trillium on her new position!

Sincerely yours,
Cam Staples
President/CEO, NEASC