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Conference Platform - Hopin

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We are using a cutting edge online event platform, Hopin, to host the 2020 NEASC Annual Conference and Showcase 100% virtually. This platform, like our theme, is founded on engagement. Through multi-tiered networking and unique live video interactions between all participants — presenters and peers — you will have access not just to current and relevant content but to each other. We are very excited to bring you the interactive and community-building aspects that make events so memorable.

#NEASC2020 | #EngagedByLearning

For the optimal virtual conference experience using Hopin you will need:

  • the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your device
    • Hopin works best on Chrome, but Firefox is also compatible Firefox
    • Make sure your browser is up to date
  • a computer with a camera
  • a headset with a microphone (separate speakers and microphones are not recommended)
  • a strong/stable Internet connection

View the Quick Reference Guide for tips to set up

Can I join the conference from a mobile device?
For the optimal experience, we recommend participating on a desktop or laptop computer using Google Chrome; however, attendees can access Hopin on mobile devices. The supported mobile browsers are:

  • Android: Google Chrome
  • iOS, iPadOS (Apple): Safari

Please note there is no dedicated Hopin app for desktops or mobiles, so no additional downloads are required.

Get to know Hopin

Set up your Hopin account

All conference participants (attendees, speakers, exhibitors, etc.) will need to create a Hopin account to take part in the virtual NEASC conference. It's a very quick process - and you can do it at any time. You even have options to sign in with another account (like Google or LinkedIn) if you like.



If you have previously used Hopin...

...you will use your existing account to access the NEASC conference. Make sure to update and personalize your Hopin profile with information you wish to share with other NEASC conference attendees.


Access to the event

Once you are registered for the conference you will receive a follow-up email from the Hopin platform (from "NEASC <no-reply@hopin.to>") which confirms that you have been given access to the event itself. If you try to access the event but have not yet set up your Hopin account, as a reminder you will be routed to the sign-up form at https://hopin.to/sign_up

Log in to the live event

Once you have registered and have received your Hopin event confirmation email, the NEASC conference will appear in your Hopin account's event listing. Click on the event icon in your list to enter the event on it's scheduled date. You should be able to enter the event five minutes before the scheduled go-live time.