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#NEASC2019 December 5-6

Conference App

NEASC Annual Conference and Showcase

December 5-6, 2019
Burlington, MA, USA

#NEASC2019 #designed4learning

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Sched.com is available to keep you up-to-date on this year's conference information, create custom agendas, and network with other attendees.

To access event information

  • Click on the Sched icon on your mobile device to open the app, or access the event through your web browser at https://neasc2019.sched.com
  • To find this year’s conference, type “NEASC” in the search bar. 
  • Click the resulting event icon to access the information.

If you have previoulsy used Sched, the app may default to an older cache of information. To refresh the event, click on "My Account" then "Change Events", and retype "NEASC" to update the information.

New Users

Instructions for downloading and online guides:

iOS and Android users

iOS users - go to the Apple Store

Android users - go to Google Play

If you are not taken directly to the Sched.com page by the links provided, search for"Sched” to find the correct app.

Desktop, laptop, and other device users

Please use the online version — https://neasc2019.sched.com

You can access all of the same information and features using the online version of Sched.

Guides for Attendees

Sched.com offers several online guides to help event attendees set up their profiles, personalize their schedules, manage connections, and so on.

Go to the online guides: https://sched.com/support/section/guide-for-attendees

Whether or not you choose to creat a Sched.com account and log in, you will always be able to view schedule and speaker details. However, if you would like to access all of the app's features, interact with other attendees, and use personalized functions you will need to log in.