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The Value of NEASC Accreditation

NEASC Accreditation is

  • Recognition. Imbued with the culture of excellence established by its founders over 130 years ago, NEASC has become a globally recognized standard of excellence.
  • Confidence. Students, parents, the public, government, community leaders, and other institutions are assured a school has the resources to provide a high quality learning experience.
  • Integrity. Grounded in the experience and expertise of practicing educators since 1885, NEASC Accreditation is a respected, effective, and time-tested methodology for school improvement and growth.
  • Equity. Embracing the diversity and unique missions of our member schools, NEASC supports schools wherever they are on the continuum of improvement and/or transformation.
  • Vision. NEASC invites schools to define the transferable skills, knowledge, values, and dispositions necessary for future student success and provides support to assess progress toward that vision.

NEASC provides

  • Experience. NEASC Accreditation is a unique, immersive, self-reflective process that engages the entire school community and promotes open communication, shared understandings, and a growth mindset. It is the common experience of schools that NEASC Accreditation process is a unifying process.
  • Relevance. NEASC conducts periodic reviews of its Standards and protocols to stay aligned with educational research, best practice, and governmental regulations, and to remain responsive to member needs.
  • Framework. Member schools benefit from a structured process, grounded by research-based Standards, which helps them identify and prioritize areas for improvement, build on existing strengths, and map out short- and long-term plans for the future.
  • Affirmation. Peer-review is a unique opportunity for schools to receive a detailed, objective evaluation/validation from trusted, highly qualified, and thoroughly trained colleagues in the educational community.
  • Collaboration. Accreditation is not a single event, but an ongoing cycle sustained by professional partnership and continued support.