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NEASC Policies and By-Laws

Please click on individual policies listed below to view the details. Please direct any questions regarding these policies to the Executive Office c/o Kathy Willis, kwillis@neasc.org.

By-Laws of the Association

Important Notice:

Proposed amendments to the NEASC By-Laws were reviewed and approved at 132nd Annual Business Meeting of the Corporation on December 15, 2017 in Boston, MA. The By-law amendments implement corporate restructuring of the relationship between NEASC and the higher education commission and streamline the By-Law amendment process. 

We have posted a copy of the proposed amendments for your information:

View the proposed 2017 NEASC By-Law Amendments (pdf)

Release of Information by NEASC

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., in recognition of its responsibility to affiliated institutions, governmental agencies and the general public to make readily available accurate, fair and pertinent information about the accreditation status of its members and candidate institutions, maintains online directories of member and candidate schools, colleges, and universities listed under the appropriate Commission. The specific information provided relates to school data, and Board of Trustees and Commission actions and includes:

For each Accredited institution:

  • name and address of the institution
  • the year of initial accreditation/membership
  • chief administrative officer of the school
  • the year of the most recent Commission/Association action affecting accreditation status
  • when applicable, an indication of probationary status
  • any interruption of accreditation

For each Candidate institution:

  • the year in which candidacy was granted
  • the year of the most recent review of candidacy status
  • the year by which accreditation must be achieved

In addition, a Commission may elect to publish and disseminate information regarding the next date of review of an accredited or candidate institution.

After each meeting of the Board of Trustees, the following information is released by NEASC:

  1. actions taken by the Association granting candidacy for accreditation or initial accreditation;
  2. adverse actions (i.e., denial of candidacy for accreditation, termination of candidacy for accreditation, denial of accreditation, placement on probation or termination of accreditation) taken by the Association after the right of appeal has been exhausted. In these cases, the effective date of and the reasons for the action are also released. In addition, for institutions placed on probation, the relevant Commission’s plans to monitor the institution are stated.


NEASC Accredited institutions are encouraged to make information about their accreditation status publicly available. View some ideas to promote your NEASC Accreditation.

Volunteer Policy

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges is a voluntary association which depends on its membership to identify volunteers to conduct the process of peer review. Accordingly, it is a requirement that member institutions identify a specific number of highly qualified volunteers annually. The specific number of volunteers to be identified is determined by each institution’s commission and may vary from commission to commission due to the varying sizes of visiting teams.

Member institutions will be reminded periodically that providing and supporting volunteers is a condition of membership.

Approved: Board of Trustees, Dec. 1, 2004

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