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COVID-19: Featured Resources

In the interest of helping our members stay informed and prepared in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are sharing a list of resources that member schools and associates who have already faced school closures have found useful.

Strategies for continuing learning and support online when your school is closed:

Preparing for Remote Learning: A Readiness Worksheet (9ine)

Interim Guidance for Administrators of U.S. Childcare Programs and K-12 Schools (CDC)

Information and Resources for Schools and School Personnel (U.S. Department of Education)

Resources for addressing biological hazards specific to COVID-19 within K-12 schools (Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Technical Assistance (REMS TA) Center)

Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Schools Need to Know (NAIS)

Online Learning: A Strategic Approach for K-12 (International School Services)

Global Online Academy - Support and resources for online learning strategies

Online resource center for educators around the world (Western Academy of Beijing)

Tips for Setting Up Temporary Distance Learning at Your School (Oak Meadow K-12 Curriculum and Distance Learning School)

Online learning, teaching and education continuity planning for schools (International Baccalaureate Organization)

Digital Learning Collaborative - data, information, news, and best practices in digital learning

School Closure Resources - a curated list of resources for school closures (NewSchools Venture Fund)

Ten Strategies for Educators' Wellbeing: A Handbook for Schools During the COVID-19 Outbreak (Sea Change Mentoring)

Child Protection During COVID-19 Response (International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children)

E-mentoring / Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring (Mentor, Dec 2019)

Coronavirus: 5 Steps Colleges and Independent Schools Should Take Now (Organizatonal Sustainability)

Online curriculum resources:

Amazing Educational Resources - frequently updated compilation of online educational tools offered for free for families and educators alike

Curriculum Materials and Ideas from Kim Marshall (The Marshall Memo)

Distance Learning Resource Center (Education Reimagined)

The Real Time Curriculum Project - curated collection of online content to assist educators engage students in discussions about current events